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take the path less travelled

Home is wherever you are, or want to be....

The Story of our Tents

Based on original designs, our specialist Rajasthani craftsmen with a lifetime of experience and an eye for detail carefully measure, cut, fold and sew the materials by hand to create the perfect canvas home.

It takes approximately 50 hours to create one of these amazing tents, tents that would have been constructed to house family, friends and neighbours and even used to help sustain lives by exchanging these skillfully made homes for food, medication or alternative supplies needed.

Due to their durability for any terrain, and the nomadic lifestyle of their inhabitants, these tents were highly sought after and could last generations if looked after properly. Unfortunately the skilled workmanship and care that goes into creating just one of these pieces of art, is becoming a forgotten craft due to advances in modern technology and the evolution of the western ‘throw away’ lifestyle.

View our range of stunning tipis, or bell tents and let your adventure begin!