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take the path less travelled

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take the path less travelled

Home is wherever you are, or want to be....

about us

glomadic is a small family business making these amazing tipis and bell tents available to anyone who wants to experience the traditional lifestyle of a nomad.

Our love of camping and travel led us to find new friends in Rajasthan, India, who have been producing these pieces of art for over 20 years. The craftsmanship, and skills involved in making these tents, which can be clearly seen in each one, has been passed down through generations, ensuring quality and durability in every product. 

We believe that following the traditional routes of the original tent trade, supporting small family owned businesses ensures an authentic quality in these unique products while giving back to the people who deserve it.

Understanding the values of finding ethically sourced, sustainable products, whilst ensuring fair trade principles are adhered to, has been one of the main objectives for us at glomadic. 

Join the venture and be a part of something truly rewarding and inspiring, helping to make a difference, not only to our suppliers, but to their employees, the conditions in which they work in, and opportunities to enhance their skills for a meaningful future in a legitimate trade.

We've been amazed with the compassion and support that our customers all over the world have already shown, and have been able to see the changes that this has made to our friends, the talented craftsmen and craftswomen on the front line.

Thank you to everyone for your continued support.